4 Legendary Safaris in Southern Africa

4 Legendary Safaris in Africa

Africa has some of the most incredible scenery in the world. One of the best ways to see it is by taking a safari. You’ll get up-close encounters with native animals like giraffes, lions, and baboons, and broad, scenic views of the breathtaking landscape.

5. African Horseback Safari (Botswana)

Photo Credit: African Horseback Safari

Speed up to keep up with running animals or quietly watch at a slower pace. On this Botswana safari, you’ll have access to muddy areas that aren’t accessible by cars, so you’ll get to explore and see more. Safaris run from 3-10 nights and include lodging, all meals, and some beverages. Website.

4. Pumba Game Reserve (South Africa)

Most known for the white lions (above), but you’ll also see hippos, hyenas, giraffes and African animals. This 2.5 hour safari offers scenic views of incredible animals and a traditional African meal afterwards. They also offer 3 hour photography safaris that include a DSLR rental and telephoto lens. Located in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Website.

Pumba Private Game Reserve |4 Legendary Safaris in Africa
Photo Courtesy of Pumba Game Reserve
Pumba Private Game Reserve |4 Legendary Safaris in Africa
Photo Courtesy of Pumba Game Reserve

3. Tongole Wilderness Lodge (Malawi)

Photo Credit: Tongole Wilderness Lodge

The Tongole Wilderness Lodge offers walking, driving and canoe safaris, as well as fly fishing and camping. These excursions go through untouched wilderness in Malawi’s oldest and most untouched area. You’ll likely see elephants, baboons and other wildlife. Website.

2.  Safari Drive Classic Namibia (Namibia)

Photo Courtesy of Safari Drive

This self-drive safari will take you through Etosha National Park, the dunes at Sossusvlei, the Skeleton Coast, Damaraland, and Okonjma’s leopard and cheetah reserve. 14 days of phenomenal sites throughout Namibia while staying in unique campsites, tents and lodges. Website.

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