What to Eat in Munich


Each city in the world has something different to offer, and when traveling,  I find certain things about each city that make me love it. Rothenburg was my favorite historic and romantic town. Salzburg took my breathe away with the incredible mountain views and architecture. Munich was my favorite “foodie” city, and I can’t wait to go back and eat there again!

We only spent one day in Munich, and most of the eating we did was in Viktualienmarkt, which is a daily farmer’s market in the heart of Munich, near Marienplatz. In my opinion, this was the perfect place to get a taste of multiple items for a small price.

Here are some of the things you’ll find at the Viktualienmarkt, as well as my favorites:

9. Bratwurst on Brotchen (crusty German bread)

Easily found in multiple stalls in Viktualienmarkt. These are heavenly plain or with a pat of spicy mustard.

8. Pretzels (Brezel)

A must in my opinion. I ate a lot of pretzels in Germany, and the one I had in Munich was my absolute favorite. They were almost like a combination of french bread and pretzels; hard and crusty on the outside, and soft on the inside. We ate ours with a cheese spread from one of the stalls, but I could have eaten 3 more plain.

7. Mohn Kuchen

This is a pastry with a shortbread like crust and poppy seed filling. It is delectable, just make sure to check your teeth for stray seeds afterwards! There are different forms of this, some are wound like a wreath, some are made in springform pans and served like a pie slice, and others are similar to the German delicacy Stollen with a poppy seed filling instead of marzipan.

6. Cheese (Kase)


At the Viktualienmarkt, you can find an extensive assortment of flavors. There are various stalls that sell cheese. You can purchase a smaller amount and buy some brotchen as well for an easy sandwich. You’ll see traditional cheeses like Swiss and Brie, but also less common ones like the Wasabi Kase and Pecorino. I recommend trying at least one of these (most likely) unfamiliar cheeses.

5. Seafood

If you’re staying nearby and your hotel has a kitchen, pick up some fresh fish and cook it up for dinner. You can also purchase items already prepared. Even if you aren’t a seafood lover, check out the fish stalls and check out the wide array of choices.

4. Marinated olives, peppers, etc

Just a small glimpse at the many choices the Viktualienmarkt has to offer.

3. Fruit

You’ll see the typical fruits like pears and apples, but also more exotic fruits like pomegranates and dragon fruit.

2. Vegetables

vegetable stand2

There are rows and rows of farm fresh veggies. They are pleasant to look at and of course even more enjoyable to eat.

1. Pastries

Pastries galore! There are hundreds of variations of confections found all over the city. Make sure you enjoy one or ten.

If you have been to Munich, what was your favorite thing to eat?