When you pull into the parking lot at Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop in Lahaina, you’ll feel like you’re pulling up to your Grandma’s house for Sunday brunch. The exterior speaks farmhouse with its vibrant yellow door and faux wrap around porch, while the interior brings that comfort only home can bring. Once inside, the farmhouse decor continues with floor to ceiling white subway tiles, wooden tables, a painted reclaimed wood wall, industrial themed chairs, chalkboard menus, and, of course, delicious pies on display.

While waiting for your food, check out the decor on the pale blue hutch, where you’ll also grab your napkins and silverware. The cute farmhouse decor extends even to the bathrooms, where you’ll forget you’re at a restaurant and not at someone’s house.

Seared Ahi Sandwich | Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop | Maui, HI
Seared Ahi Sandwich | Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop | Maui, HI

Ordering at the counter is easy, assuming you can make up your mind before it’s your turn. Even on a busy Sunday, we were able to order relatively quickly. The menu is full of traditional comfort food, as well as comfort food with an island twist. Their menu is short, yet packed with options for hand pies, burgers, pot pies, hoagies, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, and of course pies. Classics like the reuben sandwich, mushroom burger, and homemade chicken pot pie stack up right next to island favorites like the Lahaina Dog (house made bun, Eisenberg gourmet all beef dog, Maui gold pineapple chutney, Poha berry mustard) or the Seared Ahi Sandwich (grilled rye bread, seared fresh sashimi grade tuna, avocado, caramelized Kula onion, jarlsberg cheese, local basil pesto, garlic aioli, watercress).

Seating is first come, first serve, but even during busy times we were able to find a seat right after we ordered our food. Once seated, the staff will bring your food as soon as it’s ready. All the employees were friendly and cheerful and made our experience even better.

MacNut Chocolate Praline Pie | Leoda's Pie Shop | Maui, HI
MacNut Chocolate Praline Pie | Leoda’s Pie Shop | Maui, HI
Apple Crumbe Pie | Leoda's Pie Shop |Maui, HI
Apple Crumbe Pie | Leoda’s Pie Shop |Maui, HI

Our order consisted of the Seared Ahi Sandwich, the Chicken & Waffles, the Apple Crumb Pie and the MacNut Choc Praline Pie. All of these were delicious, but the winner is the Chicken and Waffles. The Cornflake crusted chicken breast is super crispy on the outside, and super moist on the inside. Combined with the house made waffle and topped with homemade country gravy and buttered syrup – you can’t beat this combo.

Chicken and Waffles | Leodas Kitchen and Pie Shop | Maui, HI
Chicken and Waffles | Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop | Maui, HI

Plan to stop at Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop at least once while you’re on your Maui vacation. Leoda’s is open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM 7 days a week.

Address: 820 Olowalu Village Rd Honoapi’ilani Hwy Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

Phone: (808) 662-3600

Website: http://www.leodas.com/